Sonlight Learning Center
The Healing Place

Lessons from "The Shack"

- When all you see is your pain, you loose sight of me.

- You misunderstand mystery.

- Love always leaves a mark.

- Birds were created to fly, you were created to be loved.

- Living unloved is like clipping a bird's wings.

- Love is meant to exist within a relationship.

- When love is faced with choosing between two loves, love chooses to give itself for both - that's call redemption.

- You are in the center of a relationship with the Trinity.

- Dreams are important; they can be a way of opening a window to let the bad air out.

- Sin is its own punishment.

- You are trying to make sense of your world by looking through an incomplete picture.

- When your good clashes with your neighbor's evil, wars break out.

- The mess is you.

- Religion is too much work.  I don't want slaves, I want friends.

- How far back does brokenness go - to Adam.

- No one is immune from evil.

- I can work incredible good out of indescribable tragedy.  That doesn't mean I orchestrate the tradegy.

- Nobody gets away with anything.

- Pain cripples your ability to love.

- You are not stuck because you can't move, but because you won't.

- Forgiveness is not about excusing, but releasing the hold it has on your neck.