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Deaconess Ministry

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to provide spiritual fellowship for women called to service in the church.  As committed Christian women, the Deaconesses are called to promote the love of God in the fellowship of the body, to actively witness to the lost and to share their Christian testimony by lifestyle, deportment and deeds.

The purpose of this ministry is to enhance the worship experience through service by assisting with communion, baptisms and caring for the decor of the pulpit and communion table.  Further, this ministry is to encourage fellowship of Christian women who will spread the love of God through their committed service in the church and community.

The goals are:

  • To look after the sick and shut-ins as well as the young and elderly women of the congregation by visitation and converation.
  • To provide bread for communion, cloths for the communion table and pulpit and clean the communion glasses.
  • To assist with the baptisms.
  • To meet with Deacons for prayer and assist with or lead devotional service as necessary.
  • To recruit and provide an ongoing regularly scheduled fellowship for women called to the service of the Deaconess Ministry.