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Missionary Ministry

The mission of the Missionary Ministry, as designated in the overall mission thrust of the church, is to provde an education and training component in the area of missionary work.  Realizing that by nature, ours is a missionary church, by definition our mission is to teach Christian responsibility and commitment in the area of Home and Foreign Missions.  Our responsibility as missionaries also requires that we actively engage in recruiting the lost to the end that their souls are saved.

A missionary then in our church is one who engages in serving the needs of all of God's people at home and abroad, as well as, actively strives to lead the lost to Christ.

Our purpose will be to identify areas of missionary concerns that should be brought to the attention of the church, to appropriate the directives of the church in the area of missions by personal representation, as well as, financially as set forth by the church year-to-year, to extend the care and concern of the church en masse to the sick, shut-ins, breaved and troubled.

The goals of the Missionary Ministry are:

  • To hold regularly scheduled meetings to discussion missionary activity at home and abroad.
  • To increase our awareness as a church of missionary activity and responsibility through our meetings.
  • To reach out to all members of this church in an effort to make the congregation more missionary-minded by announcing scheduled meetings and through personal invitations.